Blue Muse Fine Art with Dominique - Promises I Did Not Keep - 2016.

(Opinion) Questions for a Nude Art Photographer


Part 1 – Search Term Questions

A lot of people may not realize that when you search for something with Google, or other search engine, your search terms are usually passed on to the webmasters of the sites you end up visiting. 

So, yes, I see all the search terms that lead people to my site.  Some are pretty creepy!  Some are interesting questions.  I am a little surprised by quite a few of them, but they seem like sincere questions – so, I will endeavor to answer some. 


“How to prepare for a nude photo shoot” / “nude modeling tips” / “preparing for nude photi [sic] shoot”

Blue Muse Fine Art with Alexandra Chantry - When The Scent of Her Lingers - 2016

Blue Muse Fine Art with Alexandra Chantry – When The Scent of Her Lingers – 2016

Good questions. 

Both the photographer and model need to prepare for a nude photoshoot.  Other than some of the extra considerations below, the preparations are going to be nearly identical to how you would prepare for any other kind of photoshoot.  You will arrange ahead of time the date, time, and location for the shoot.  Also, how makeup and hair will be done – that is, will the model do her own hair and makeup or will a professional HMUA (hair and makeup artist) be doing it.  Plan ahead!  What if it’s raining?  Is transportation arranged?  If the shoot is in another city and someone is getting paid, a partial payment should probably be made in advance of travel, etc etc. 

Be safe!  Nude shoot or non-nude shoot, you want to ensure it is a safe and positive experience.  Here is an article I wrote with 10 tips for models on safety, specifically on your nude shoots:

** Make sure it will be a good experience.  The following article goes in to detail on things to consider (part of preparing) for a nude photo shoot:

Random tip – models, it is better not to wear tight clothing to the shoot (tight bra etc) – the indent it leaves on your skin can take quite a while to go away.  It can be a pain to edit out afterwards. 

Random tip #2 – well moisturized skin will reflect light better (yes, it could make a noticeable difference in certain lighting situations).  However, if you are bodypainting, you probably don’t want any moisturizers at all – the paint may not be able to stay on as well!  Tips for bodypainting shoots are here:


“Modelling – will they ask for naked pics?”

You should never be asked to do “naked pics” at a shoot if it was not agreed to in advance!  Never.

That doesn’t mean they won’t ask.  But they shouldn’t.  If a photographer asks you to shoot nude, or topless, or in see-thru clothing when you did not expect to do this, the photographer is acting extremely unprofessionally and unethically!  You should never do shots you are uncomfortable with. 

Blue Muse Fine Art with Sarah Bella - Looking For Something - 2016.

Blue Muse Fine Art with Sarah Bella – Looking For Something – 2016.


“what is expected of a nude model”

The expectations of a model vary from shoot to shoot.  All the expectations should be clear before the shoot.  Obviously, expectations will include showing up on time, with hair and makeup done (unless a HMUA will be doing the hair and make up), with a professional attitude…  Expectations concerning how long the shoot will take, who will be on set, if there will be “second shooters” (back-up photographers, or behind the scenes photographers) or videographers (people shooting video) present, etc. should all be discussed in advance.

A nude model is not expected to be ok with people touching her.  She is not expected to be ok with people asking her to pose in ways she’s not comfortable, or asking her to pose in ways that were not discussed beforehand. 

Nude shoots should be professional, well-planned-out events.  Boundaries should be respected.  If you are not sure what happens on a shoot, and you think you may want to model, perhaps volunteer to assist at a shoot so you can see what goes on for yourself before modeling.



“what meaning of muses and nudes”

A muse is a source of inspiration.  The term is often applied to a model who is particularly inspiring to an artist and inspires the artist’s work.  As in: “this model is so inspiring to me that I consider her my muse”.

“Nudes,” as a noun, usually refers a person’s nude photographs. 



“Does portfolio have to have nudes”

No.  Absolutely not.

Blue Muse Fine Art - The Dance Of Angels - 2016.

Blue Muse Fine Art – The Dance Of Angels – 2016.


“Why should model gave [sic] nude shoot”

A model may choose to shoot nudes for a number of reasons. 

I think the best reason to shoot nudes is because you love beautiful nude photos, and you have the opportunity to work with a photographer who will make beautiful art with you. 

Certainly, some models shoot nudes because it can be easier to find paid work, or higher paying work, by modeling nude. 



“Do models doing nude photoshoots end up having sex”

No.  A nude photoshoot is not a porn shoot! 


“Is the model really naked?”



“Is nude modling [sic] porn?”


Have a look at this article:




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