I am told that, more than any other instrument, the sound of a cello most resembles the human voice.  However, without someone to play it, someone with and for whom it resonates, it does not speak.  Thus it is also for my deepest art.

In 2012 I had the great pleasure to meet someone that helped bring out a voice that had, until then, been waiting in silence and, perhaps, may have continued to do so for some time.

Damianne is one of the most intelligent people you will ever meet.  She is also one of the best models you will ever meet.   However, most impressive to me, is her unapologetic sincerity and commitment to being herself.  For an artist she can be a bit like a match in a dry, coniferous forest waiting to burn up to make room for new growth.

Hidden in the middle of my portfolio, and introduced with minimal fanfare, is a photograph that is the closest I have come to capturing a soul.

I am not yet sure if it is Damianne’s or my own.  Probably my own.  Perhaps time will tell.

With sincerity, respect, and appreciation.


Blue Muse Fine Art with Damianne - On Yearning

Blue Muse Fine Art with Damianne. On Yearning. 2012. 


Damianne’s pictures can be found throughout the galleries.  Here are just a few:

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Good Genes:

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Cello Series:

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