If you are interested in modeling for me, please leave your information using the form below.  Please be sure to send a link to a profile with a picture of yourself.  

I am located in Edmonton, Alberta. Canada.

Please note that currently I am only able to shoot a small portion of the requests that I get, and currently only shooting female models.

I’m primarily looking to shoot with people with similar interests to mine – that is, fine art black and white nudes for publication (i.e., published on my sites, coffee table books, etc).  I am most interested in working with models who will add to my portfolios (i.e., attractive, good at posing, distinct personalities, etc).  Being polite, kind and respectful goes a long way in my books.

No experience necessary, but if you do not have experience, please be sure to read this (article – before your first nude shoot and be willing to study up a little and practice a bit first.

Please also note that I don’t do shoots for the “adult-industry.”


What I shoot

I am currently interested in 2 kinds of shoots:

1) Expressive nude art (not to be mistaken with general sexy stuff).  I am interested in capturing people in a very sincere way: my models’ personalities, strong moods, and powerful statements.  Pictures that actually say something.  I find that nude shoots are the most beautiful and often most sincere and meaningful.  They may be sexy but they don’t have to be – that depends on what we decide to try and capture.

2) Genuine figure art – capturing the body in beautiful, dynamic, unusual, expressive, and interesting poses.  That is, different ways of seeing, thinking about, celebrating, and expressing the body – our physical nature.


I do not shoot:

– Weddings, events, fashion shows, etc
– Gore/violence
– Fetish or porn
– Models under 18 years old (doesn’t matter the context, sorry)

Blue Muse Fine Art with Dayne - Authenticity

What you can expect:

– A comfortable, professional atmosphere.

– The utmost of respect for your time, your privacy, and of your ideas.

– 6 to 10 fully edited photos from a typical shoot.  More if we are awesome together.  The photos will be quite diverse, not a bunch of similar looking ones.

– I usually prefer 3 hour shoots (could be substantially longer when bodypainting is involved).

– You will usually receive a photo or two within 1 or 2 days of the shoot.  I strive to get the remaining shots to you within a few weeks, but it can sometimes be a bit longer (I work a lot – not as a photographer).  I will send them as I edit them, so you get them asap rather than all at once.  I will keep you informed of any foreseeable delays in getting you pictures before we shoot, and will also let you know if unexpected delays in editing come up.  You may also get some extra ones some point later on as my process sometimes brings me back to old shoots.

– I do not usually provide unedited photos unless this has been discussed beforehand.

– A model release is required, but includes a clause that you can decline pictures from being published if you really do not like them.  Once you have approved them, please don’t ask me to take them down.

– See the following link for more information, especially pertaining to bodypainting sessions: FAQ



If you’d like to work with me, please note:

** I am happy to work with new and experienced models, and happy to work TF*.  For now at least, this is not my job.  I am here to make art.  I fund my photography through selling prints, not charging models.  For this reason, please be sincere in wanting your images to be published in prints or digitally, or be upfront about any reservations before we meet or shoot.  (We may choose to shoot anonymous bodyscapes for example, but I’d like to know ahead of time.)  If you are interested in a private shoot, where images are not published, please email me for rates.

** I am not open to escorts in my studio/home (elsewhere would likely be ok, if necessary). My studio is in my home, my sanctuary, it is not a place of business or a drop-in studio.  Bring whomever you like when we meet.  It is important to me that you feel safe and comfortable.

** Please discuss your intentions to do a nude shoot with your significant other, and anyone else you feel ought to know (parents etc), before arranging to shoot with me.

** Art is very important to me and I have limited time to do it. Please don’t arrange something with me if you’re not confident you’re going to follow through.  I would appreciate at least 48 hours notice if you must cancel.



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