FAQ (bodypainting)

Blue Muse Fine Art - The Scream (bodypainting)


My typical bodypainting sessions are 3 or 4 hours long.  Generally, we would photograph the piece afterwards (about an hour).  Quick bar-style pieces might take 10 to 40 minutes per person.

I generally do my paintings in my studio, which is in my home.  The studio is large, private, and warm.  If painting in my studio, I will want to meet for coffee ahead of time.

Generally, we will plan at least a rough idea ahead of time.  This allows me time to come up with required stencils, mix the required colours, and plan the painting (airbrushing is done in layers).  I prefer that the ideas are a collaborative project.

You will want to prepare your skin properly before arriving.  Shower shortly before and without any moisturizers or creams on.  These will interfere with how the paint stays on your skin.  Be sure hair and makeup (if face is not being painted) is done unless an arrangement is made to have stylist or MUA coming (very unusual).  Eat before hand and come hydrated in case you need to stand for much of the process.

The skin that will be painted is prepped with a quick wipe of rubbing alcohol to remove any oils and dirt.  This will help the paint adhere best.  Usually, an outline of the piece is drawn out first, followed by the paint.  I use an airbrush, brushes, and sponges with a number of different kinds of paint meant specifically for skin (primarily  water-based make up, but also alcohol-based makeup, skin-safe dyes, cream makeup, and grease makeup when needed).

Bring some older and looser fitting cloths to wear home.  Most of the paints will not transfer to your cloths once dried on your skin, but there is a chance – especially if you get wet (e.g., it starts raining).  Some of these paints do not like to come out of clothing easily.


Jack Daniels bodypainted swimsuit

Jack Daniels bodypainted swimsuit



A full body bodypainting generally looks a lot better on a nude figure in my opinion.  The paint does not take to clothing the way it does to skin, so painting over underwear does not hide it.  As a result the likelihood that the piece will be portfolio worthy is much lower for non-nude pieces, so the chance of a TF* (described below) will be much lower.  I can easily Photoshop your bodypainting photos to be “non-revealing” if, for example, a nipple is distinguishable through the paint.

Obviously, nude bodypaintings are only for models 18 and older.

Blue Muse Fine Art - Miss Universe (bodypaint).

Blue Muse Fine Art – Miss Universe (bodypaint).


TF*, means “Time For (something)”, usually “Time For Prints” – usually digital images.   This means there is no charge to you. (Some photographers will arrange for a “TF*” shoot, but then charge a great deal for prints.  Not cool.)  Typically, I will provide you about 6 fully edited digital photos from a typical shoot, large websize (usually 700 – 900 pixels on the longest side). More if we work awesome together.  You will have rights to use these photos in your portfolios (facebook, etc.) if you like, and they would make decent 4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″ prints.  In return, I will also get to use photos in my portfolios or publications, and may sell prints of the images.  We will discuss beforehand if you would like large physical prints of the image (larger than 8.5″ by 11″).

Please note, I don’t usually provide CDs full of images from the shoot, nor unedited photos, unless discussed in advance.  I’ll provide you original pieces of art (quality not quantity).  I will usually not agree to others editing my work.

Blue Muse Fine Art with Lindsay Lylick - Rolling Stones bodypainting.

Blue Muse Fine Art with Lindsay Lylick – Rolling Stones bodypainting.


Depends on the project.  If you are modeling for a project that will add to my portfolio, there would be no charge. I much prefer to work with models who like my work and will value the photos.  Most of my work is done TF*.

I generally charge about $50 per hour for events (including materials) with a  4 hour minimum.  Special requests may be more (e.g., if you want special paints I don’t have in stock).



I do not allow escorts in my studio unless I have met them and if there is good reason for them to be there.  It is very important for me that you feel comfortable and safe.  However, bringing an escort with you is not the only way to achieve this.  I highly recommend you check my references if you are unsure (or even if you’re not – they will all be good reviews).  I am happy to provide many references.  If at all feasible, we will meet ahead of time for coffee, and please feel free to bring whom ever you like for the coffee meeting.

If I am painting or photographing you elsewhere (not my studio), I am open to others being present as long as they are not intrusive or lingering around for their entertainment.

Blue Muse Fine Art bodypaintings bodysuits etc



The photographer, by default, owns the copyright to pictures taken unless negotiated differently.  Under most circumstances this is not a big concern unless you wish to distribute, sell, or edit the images – in which case you require the photographer’s consent.  Posting the pictures on a personal (non-commercial) website, hardcopy or online portfolios (e.g., ModelMayhem, DeviantArt – prints should not be for sale), or social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, MySpace) are fine.  It is customary to put a credit or link to the photographer even on these types of sites, especially if you did not pay the photographer for the photographs.  In this case, the credit should be: Blue Muse Fine Art, and if a link is possible, to this site (BlueMuseFineArt.com).



Sure.  In my opinion, the more people that see it the better.  We’ll aim to make a piece of art that you are really proud of and hopefully many people will enjoy.  However, please note the custom of crediting the photographer as described above.

Blue Muse Fine Art - band bodypaintings

Blue Muse Fine Art – band bodypaintings



Most of my work is done for free because I am interested in making art and sharing it on my website and portfolios, and/or may cover my expenses by selling prints of the images.  However, I think it is understandable that you may not be comfortable giving carte blanche permission to post any and all pictures from a nude shoot or bodypainting.  It is my philosophy that if you are comfortable knowing that you will have the right to decline a picture from being published if you sincerely object to it, then the pictures from the shoot will be better.  Obviously, you should foresee being comfortable with photos of yourself such as in this portfolio before we shoot rather than just try and see.  I will email you pictures I would like to publish and you will have the opportunity to decline them if you really don’t like them.  Granted, if you reject a bunch I will probably stop editing your photos or we will negotiate a fee to edit more for your personal use.  Really hasn’t been a concern to date.

If you know from the beginning that you will not want to have the pictures in a public portfolio, prints made, etc, we will negotiate a rate for a personal shoot as described above.



I’m generally booking a number of weeks in advance.  I am generally only available evenings and weekends.

Blue Muse Fine Art - Harley Davidson bodypaint V - 2015.

Blue Muse Fine Art – Harley Davidson bodypaint V – 2015.