Impostor warning


** Impostor Warning **

It has come to my attention three times in the past few months that people have been misrepresenting themselves as me in order to trick models to work with them, or to trick them in to sending nude photos.


Please note:

  • I do NOT solicit models on Kijiji or Craigslist or any similar forums, and have no plans to do so. I arrange shoots via my website, facebook and, very rarely, ModelMayhem.
  • I will NOT ask you to send me nude photos. If you contact me via my website I will ask you to send me photos or, ideally, a link to a portfolio, but I will not pressure you to email me nudes.
  • I am male. Any female contacting you as Blue Muse Fine Art is an impostor. (such as “Jennifer Smith”; see below)
  • Blue Muse Fine Art is one person. It is not a team of people.
  • I live in Edmonton.
  • I am intelligent. I do not write in crude one sentence paragraphs without capitals or punctuation.
  • I am polite and respectful. I will not send you anything rude, crass, or pressure you to do anything, ever.



The latest impostor, “Jennifer Smith,” is sending the following message to people on Kijiji:

hi would you be interested in being a fine arts class model, we do hair makeup ext. there are no start up fees and what it is a fine arts class (all female) who will be drawing portraits of you , you will also get a free portrait drawn by one of the students check out my webiste let me know what you think also pay is $550 for a 3 hour class this friday

If you express interest, she asks you to send nude photos.  

There are, of course, an awful lot of things wrong with this message.  

  • Nude-art models (e.g., for drawing classes) typically make about $20 an hour to pose for professional art classes in Edmonton.  If someone is offering you more than that to pose for an art class, they are probably not legit.  
  • Life drawing classes are not likely going to do your “hair and make up ext.”  Life drawing is about capturing people in a natural way.  
  • No real photographer or artist is going to ask you to pose for him/her unless they already know what you look like!


PS – If you are interested in posing for legitimate art classes through the City of Edmonton, WECAN society, etc, send me a message and I will pass on the appropriate person’s contact info


If you are unsure you have reached or been contacted by the real Blue Muse Fine Art, please email me through my website:  This will ensure you are sending your message to me.

Please be careful.