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Definition of Terms, Acronyms & Slang used in the photography industry

Definition of Terms, Acronyms & Slang used in the photography industry

Bodyscape – an anonymous shot of a body or body part (no face), often nude.

Fauxtographer – A “false” photographer.  Someone who calls him/herself a photographer but is so bad, or has such little skill, that s/he does not deserve the title of photographer.

Figure photography (also Nude Art photography) – photos in which a nude is prominent in the shot, but the aim of the picture is not primarily to cause sexual arousal.  The nude body/model may be the only object in the picture, or may be in an interesting location.  May or may not be “implied” (see below).

(Related terms used by artists: “Life drawing” and “Life painting” means a drawing or painting from a live, usually nude, model).

Flake a model or photographer who cancels last minute or does not show up for a shoot.

GWC“Guy With Camera.”  A guy who buys a camera in order to see naked models.  Usually someone with little skill.  May buy expensive equipment to give the impression he is an established photographer but is not really very committed to the craft.  (Some use this term to also include fairly successful photographers who are “pervy” – i.e., primary motivation is still to see naked models).

Implied (also “Implied Nude”) – most often used to mean the model will be nude on the set but no “private parts” will be visible in the final pictures.  However, this term is used in many different other ways.  Some people consider fully revealed buttocks to still be “implied,” others do not.  Some people consider shots of a model in underwear to be “implied.”  Some people use the term to mean the model is dressed but shot such that the clothing is not evident.

Model Release – A contract – typically in which a model gives the photographer the rights to publish the pictures from a shoot without further permission.

On Location – photographs taken in an environment other than a studio.

Photoshopped – An image that has been altered digitally (with a program such as Photoshop)

Pornography – images with the primary aim of creating sexual arousal in the viewer.  Usually nude and explicit (revealing).

                Soft core porn – pornography which does not involve penetration (e.g., a nude model posing suggestively).  Masturbation may still be considered soft core.

                 Hard core porn – pornography which includes penetration (e.g., sex)

Release – see Model Release

Selfie – A picture of yourself taken by yourself.  A selfie may be taken by holding your camera out at arm’s length, taken in to a mirror, setting a camera’s timer function, using a remote trigger, etc.

Tear Sheets – a page out of a published magazine (proof of the publication).  Could be an article, an advertisement, etc.

TFP (also  TFCD, or TF*) – “Time for Print” (or “Time for CD”, “Time for whatever”) – The model and photographer do not pay each other.  The model works (gives his/her time) in exchange for prints from the shoot.  Prints may be “digital prints,” not necessarily hardcopy prints.

Toning up –a term sometimes used by modeling agencies to indirectly tell a model to lose weight – i.e., they are not saying to lose weight directly, so not liable if a model becomes an unhealthy weight.

White Knight – 1) A derogatory word for someone who stands up for newbie models being exploited.  2) Someone standing up for a model who is in the wrong in order to earn brownie points.